Tips to help with your Telehealth Appointment  

15 minutes before your telehealth appointment, please :

  • Restart your computer or tablet or mobile (whichever device you will be using for the appointment);
  • Use Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your internet browser to log into the link (sent by sms );
  • Turn off all other video chat apps including Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, Facetime, WeChat etc;
  • Ensure the microphone and camera on your device are working;
  • Disconnect all other devices from your network (TV’s, computers, smart devices);
  • Log into the link provided at least 5 minutes before your appointment and allow Doxy permission to use your microphone and camera;
  • Refresh your browser just before your appointment time.

Following the steps above will provide the best opportunity for a clear, uninterrupted telehealth appointment.

Please call reception on 03 53271444 prior to your appointment time if you are having issues with any of the above steps.