Coronavirus Update

As per Government Guidelines, Paediatrics Ballarat is considered an essential service, and will continue to remain open. 

There is the possibility of telehealth for most patients.   



At Paediatrics Ballarat we encourage and endorse COVID-19 vaccination.  All of our practitioners and staff are fully vaccinated.

The safety of children is our greatest priority, and given that the majority of younger children are currently ineligible for vaccination, the following policy applies:

– Unvaccinated carers, or patients aged 16 and over who have had any contact with COVID positive individuals or sites in the last 14 days cannot attend the rooms for any reason (even with a negative COVID test and absence of symptoms).

– Unvaccinated carers, or patients age 16 and over will be required to continue wearing masks at all times within our rooms, regardless of current health department advice.

– Any non-compliance with the above measures will result in Paediatrics Ballarat requesting patients to seek alternative paediatric services.

– As such, we will require proof of double vaccination on arrival at reception at Paediatrics Ballarat, and lack of proof will be treated as an unvaccinated status, as listed above.


Please call us as soon as possible, if you or your child appears unwell.  Your appointment can be changed from face-to-face to Telehealth easily, so you don’t miss out on an important review.


If your doctor feels that a face to face consultation is required, we ask that you attend the practice with only the child and one parent/guardian.

Please do not attend the rooms if you or your child are unwell in any way.

Upon arrival at the rooms, you will be asked to check in via the QR code and you will be asked questions about your health.  The waiting room will be open in a limited capacity.

Please ensure you bring any required toys for your child’s appointment.

We have also spread out chairs in the waiting room and, if full, request that patients waiting for appointments remain in their car or outside until called for appointments.


Where appropriate, your doctor may ask that your appointment is conducted via Telehealth.  Prior to your appointment, you will be sent an SMS with information about how to access your video link via our provider

Once completed, our admin team will contact you to finalise payment of any outstanding fees and to make any subsequent appointments.

In order for you to receive a rebate from Medicare, the Medicare regulations state that your child MUST be present at the time of the Videolink or telephone appointment.


Unless previously arranged, all appointments must be paid for on the day of consultation.  Subsequent appointments and prescription requests cannot be arranged until any outstanding debts have been paid.


Paediatrics Ballarat DOES NOT offer testing or management of suspected or confirmed Coronavirus.

Please attend your local GP or the Ballarat Health Services Fever Clinic if you require testing or have a significant respiratory illness.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a viral infection that is passed from human to human mainly through respiratory spread e.g. coughing, sneezing, being in the same room for prolonged periods. There is currently no treatment or vaccine for Coronavirus.

The majority of people infected with Coronavirus experience a mild flu-like illness with respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, shortness of breath) and fever for a few days. A small percentage have a more serious illness (pneumonia), which for some individuals can be life threatening.

Children currently appear to have a milder form of the illness, although can still easily transfer the virus to other people.

More information?

Department of Health of Human Services website (as the situation is rapidly changing):

If you think you may have Coronavirus, there is a dedicated hotline: 1800 675 398